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How do I view details for MMS messages I have sent or received? [1]

Log in to the MX Telecom Partner Centre with your Partner Centre account details and select Logs & Reports.

Select MMS then All accounts or select a specific account from the list displayed. You can choose a time period to view using the drop-down boxes.

If you are unsure of your account details or need a Partner Centre account set up, contact your account manager or email

Can I receive delivery and read reports? [2]

It is possible to receive both read and delivery reports though Currently reports are only available on Vodafone and O2 and in the case of O2 the originator must be an MX MMS number/code.

Further information can be found here.

How do I create an MMS zip file and do you have any examples? [3]

Help can be found here.

Do you have an MM7 interface? [4]

We have no plans to offer an MM7 interface at this time.

Which file formats are supported? [5]

The following mime-types are supported by our MMS carriers. This is not a guarantee that the destination handset will support these types. We suggest that JPEG images, MIDI audio and 3GPP video are used as the majority of handsets support these. Animated GIF is also well supported as an alternative to 3GPP for animations.

  • image/jpeg
  • image/gif
  • image/png
  • image/vnd.wap.wbmp
  • image/x-bmp
  • application/smil
  • audio/amr
  • audio/x-amr
  • audio/x-wav
  • audio/midi
  • audio/x-midi
  • audio/sp-midi
  • audio/rmf
  • audio/x-rmf
  • audio/x-beatnik-rmf
  • audio/basic
  • audio/mp3
  • text/plain
  • text/x-vCard
  • text/x-vCalendar
  • application/java-archive
  • application/x-java-archive
  • text/
  • application/vnd.wap.wmlc
  • application/vnd.symbian.install
  • application/
  • application/
  • video/3gpp
  • video/mp4
  • application/mp4
  • image/mp4
  • text/mp4
  • audio/mp4