Single-shot Billing


OpenMarket now offers a RESTful and feature-rich Global SMS API. Compared to the existing MX Telecom APIs, the Global SMS API provides:

  • Automated originator selection, which selects the correct short code or VMN for any country or territory
  • Our highest level SLA and increased messaging capacity
  • Better security through Basic authentication
  • A test environment for new and migrating customers

as well as a host of other benefits. While we will continue to support our existing SMS APIs, we believe that our Global SMS API offers some exciting features and benefits that you'll want to take advantage of, and future feature development will be focused on the Global SMS API. For more information, see the Release Note on our Docs and Resources website.

Note that currently the Global SMS API does not support Premium Rate messaging. Existing Premium Rate customers should continue to use the MX Telecom APIs.

If a premium MT message cannot be delivered due to billing reasons (for example, end user out of credit), the MX Telecom SMS Gateway will normally resubmit the message to the carrier at regular intervals, up to the expiry time of the message. This increases revenue by improving delivery success rates.

However, to enable partners to have more control over premium billing, this behaviour can be disabled on a per-message or per-account basis. This behaviour is known as single-shot billing.

Enabling single-shot billing

On a per-message basis

Individual messages can be marked as single-shot billed via additional parameters in the message-sending interfaces.

  • HTTP interface: using the billingsingleshot parameter. See the HTTP API Reference for more details.
  • For other interfaces, please contact us for more details.

On a per-account basis

  • Please contact us to have single-shot billing enabled on all messages through one or more of your SMS Gateway accounts.

Supported carriers

Single-shot billing is only supported on carriers where MX Telecom has control of the billing process. These are shown in the table below. Click here for a table of carrier codes.

CountryCarrier code

On most other carriers, the message is held by the carrier until it can be billed, or until it expires.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-698-3532 or via email at