Delivery Reports


OpenMarket now offers a RESTful and feature-rich Global SMS API. Compared to the existing MX Telecom APIs, the Global SMS API provides:

  • Automated originator selection, which selects the correct short code or VMN for any country or territory
  • Our highest level SLA and increased messaging capacity
  • Better security through Basic authentication
  • A test environment for new and migrating customers

as well as a host of other benefits. While we will continue to support our existing SMS APIs, we believe that our Global SMS API offers some exciting features and benefits that you'll want to take advantage of, and future feature development will be focused on the Global SMS API. For more information, see the Release Note on our Docs and Resources website.

Note that currently the Global SMS API does not support Premium Rate messaging. Existing Premium Rate customers should continue to use the MX Telecom APIs.

Delivery reports provide feedback to applications concerning the delivery of MT messages. This information can include:

  • Confirmation of successful billing for premium messages
  • Confirmation of successful delivery to the handset (where this is supported by the carrier)
  • Details of errors which prevented successful delivery


Enabling receipt of delivery reports

In order to receive delivery reports, two steps are necessary. Firstly, delivery reports must be requested when the corresponding MT message is submitted to the MX Telecom SMS Gateway:

  • HTTP interface: via the report parameter.
  • SMPP interface: via the registered_delivery parameter in the DELIVER_SM PDU.

Secondly, delivery reports must be routed to an HTTP URL of your choosing or via your SMPP connection. This routing is configured on a per-account basis; please contact us to have this routing configured or altered.

Interpreting delivery reports

A delivery report contains the following:

  • The SMS ID of the MT message. This is a positive 64 bit integer used to uniquely identify an SMS message as it passes through the SMS Gateway. As well as when sending delivery reports, the SMS Gateway will pass on this ID in the response back to a submitted SMS message and when delivering Mobile Originated SMS messages.
  • A date, giving the time at which the delivery event occured.
  • A delivery report type code giving an overview of the delivery status of the message.
  • A detailed reason code, giving further information on the reason for the delivery report.

Delivery report type

The delivery report type code is one of "DELIVERED", "FAILED", "BUFFERED" or "REJECTED". This will correspond to the Type nibble in the detailed reason code. See here for more details on the meaning of each code.

Detailed reason code

The detailed reason code is a 4-byte integer value. It can be interpreted as explained here.

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