Verizon Consent Management


OpenMarket now offers a RESTful and feature-rich Global SMS API. Compared to the existing MX Telecom APIs, the Global SMS API provides:

  • Automated originator selection, which selects the correct short code or VMN for any country or territory
  • Our highest level SLA and increased messaging capacity
  • Better security through Basic authentication
  • A test environment for new and migrating customers

as well as a host of other benefits. While we will continue to support our existing SMS APIs, we believe that our Global SMS API offers some exciting features and benefits that you'll want to take advantage of, and future feature development will be focused on the Global SMS API. For more information, see the Release Note on our Docs and Resources website.

Note that currently the Global SMS API does not support Premium Rate messaging. Existing Premium Rate customers should continue to use the MX Telecom APIs.

To provide Premium services to Verizon end users, you must follow Verizon consent management (VCM).

This page is a guide to understanding VCM. For information on the specific HTTP parameters used for VCM, please see Parameters for US carriers. For information on the specific SMPP TLVs for VCM, please see SMPP Interface Details.


What is Verizon consent management?

Verizon consent management (VCM) is a system for managing both user opt-in, and the help and stop messages for your service. The goal of VCM is to reduce customer service inquiries and refund request by ensuring that end users receive the correct information in opt-in, help, and stop messages. All Premium rate services to Verizon customers, including both single-item and subscription, must comply with VCM. Verizon end users can opt-in to your services via SMS, IVR, and web.

Opt-in process

VCM works by managing part of the opt-in process on your behalf. After an end user initiates opt-in, your service responds with a message request. This identifies the keyword and how the end user initiated opt-in. The request also includes the message to send to the end user once they have opted in. Verizon and OpenMarket handle the rest of the process.

The opt-in user experience is the same regardless of how they initiated opt-in:

  1. The end user opts in via SMS, IVR or web.
  2. They receive a text message asking them to respond with "Y" to opt in.
  3. After responding Y back, they receive a receipt message.
  4. After the receipt message, they receive your "Welcome" message (or first content message).

This process only requires you to send one request. The workflow is the same for both single-item and subscription purchases:

  1. The end user initiates opt-in.
  2. You send a request to OpenMarket via your Premium rate Verizon account. In the request:
    • The message text is the first message you want the end user to receive after they have confirmed opt-in. This might be a "Welcome" message for a subscription, a link to paid-for content, or other message.
    • The request includes the managed_consent_type and initial_optin_keyword parameters (or SMPP TLVs). These identify the method of opt-in and the keyword.
      Example HTTP GET request:
  3. Verizon sends an advice of charge (AOC) opt-in message to the end user. There is a 10 minute time limit for the end user to confirm opt-in.
  4. The end user responds with "Y" back (if they agree to the terms).
  5. Verizon sends a receipt message to the end user and notifies OpenMarket that the end user has completed opt-in.
  6. OpenMarket sends the message text from your original request to the end user. For example:

    ACME Music: Download your track now at Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. Msg&data rates may apply.

  7. OpenMarket charges the end user.
  8. Once the carrier has confirmed the charge outcome, OpenMarket sends you a delivery report confirming the purchase (if requested).

The opt-in message text

Verizon composes the AOC and receipt messages based on program information you have provided to them. The messages also include the "HELP" and "STOP" information required by carrier regulations. Note that these messages are not passed to the OpenMarket database, so we cannot provide them in reports.

Subscription renewal

Verizon manages PSMS subscription renewals on your behalf, including sending all renewal messages. Therefore, do not send:

  • Subscription renewal reminder messages
  • Subscription renewal (or premium rate) messages

Verizon sends a renewal reminder 2 days before sending the subscription renewal.

Please note that these messages are not passed to OpenMarket, so we do not have access to any of the detailed SMS transactions sent to mobile subscribers in conjunction with PSMS subscription renewals.

When a charge fails, or a user unsubscribes, Verizon also sends the subscription cancellation message to the end user.

Charging and retries

Verizon charges the end user only after Verizon has received an SMS delivery receipt that shows the end user's handset received the renewal message. If the end user's handset is turned off or is otherwise unreachable, Verizon retries sending the renewal message for up to five days, after which it will cancel the subscription and notify OpenMarket.

Verizon does not retry a renewal charge when the charge fails due to insufficient funds or other account issues. If a renewal charge fails, Verizon cancels the subscription and notifies OpenMarket.

However, if there was a Verizon system issue that stopped the renewal charge, Verizon will retry the charge.

HELP messages

If Verizon receives a "HELP" keyword for your service, it does not forward this message on to OpenMarket. Instead, it replies with a HELP message on your behalf.

Note that Verizon does not send us a notification to say they have received a help message.

STOP messages

If Verizon receives a "STOP" keyword for your service, it does not forward this message on to OpenMarket. Instead, Verizon:

  • Removes the end user from their list of subscribed users for your service
  • Sends a confirmation message to the end user
  • Sends OpenMarket a notification

Once we have been notified, OpenMarket sends you a delivery report to inform you that the user is unsubscribed from your service.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-698-3532 or via email at