WAP Push


WAP Push remains the premier method of delivering multimedia content to mobile handsets in the market today. MX Telecom can also provide the tools to design a WAP site and will host this site for you.

A WAP Push is effectively a specially formatted SMS within the header of which is included a URL. This usually links to a WAP address, although it can also lead to an XHTML site, a CHTML site (i-mode) or a normal website. On receiving a WAP Push, the compatible handset will automatically give the user the option to access the WAP content. In this way the WAP Push directs the end user to a WAP address where particular content may be stored ready for viewing or downloading to the handset. The address could be a simple page or an entire WAP site.

Delivery of multimedia content via WAP Push still represents a key component of multimedia messaging. As you would expect from an operator driven product, MMS is aimed primarily at peer to peer messaging. In the same fashion as an SMS, an MMS is sent using a store and forward mechanism, whereby the entire message is usually stored at the mobile network operators MMS Centres before delivery. This does not apply to Direct MMS.

A major benefit of WAP Push is the ability to send a URL to a mobile subscriber without the need for them to manually type it into their phone.

Sending the WAP Push

As with SMS, there are two ways to send a WAP Push:

  1. Direct Technical Interface
  2. CMX2

Partners with their own applications or WAP sites can simply send the WAP Push through the MX Telecom SMS Gateway using a technical interface, or through our hosted application CMX2.


By using CMX2, which is MX Telecom's hosted platform for content management, messaging services and WAP publishing, partners have access to the content storage, management, delivery and billing, all in one place.

CMX2 provides WAP Push support for the delivery of Polyphonic Ringtones, Images (wallpapers and screensavers), Audio clips, Video clips and Java Games and Applications. Content can be ordered via SMS (through the MX Telecom Reverse Billing Service for example), via a WAP site or simple WAP menu, via IVR (utilising the MX Telecom IVR platform) or integrated with third party systems.

For more information, please see the CMX2 section of the website.

Examples of WAP Push applications

  • Provision and delivery of mobile content such as polyphonic/truetone ringtones, colour screensavers, picture messages and java games and applets

  • Information alerts and updates to include weather forecasts and stock price alerts

  • Wireless Email - be alerted to incoming email, and be directly taken to your mailbox

  • Interactive Marketing - direct end users to specially designed WAP sites that form part of particular advertising campaigns

The Benefits of WAP Push

WAP Push offers immediate and tangible benefits to mobile network operators, their subscribers and third party content and service providers alike.

  • Provide a simple to use (one or two click) process for the end user to access media rich content

  • Allow users to return to a WAP site with a simple one click

  • Wide penetration of WAP enabled handsets

  • The ability to query a handsets capabilities in order to make available uniquely provisioned content

  • Can be combined with SMS Billing usage to enable billing for content or access to WAP sites

  • The very nature of WAP Push makes it extremely cost effective. WAP Push costs no more than the price of an SMS and is cheaper to send than an MMS message

  • Ideally suited for subscription services. A new WAP Push can be sent whenever required and does not have to be "pulled" by the end user

  • Send WAP and GPRS OTA configurations direct to handsets

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