MX Telecom Premium Rate SMS Service - Virgin Mobile UK

Monthly Access Charges and Outpayment Rates

Please Contact Us for details of short code fees and outpayment rates.

Virgin Mobile Premium Rate Billing Information Table

The table below summarises the Premium Rate Billing SMS account offered by Virgin Mobile UK:



Billing Type

Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT) Billing available

Tariff Rates

10p, 12p, 15p, 18p, 20p, 25p, 35p, 50p, 1.00 GBP, 1.20GBP, 1.50 GBP, 2.00 GBP, 2.50 GBP, 3.00 GBP, 3.50 GBP, 4.00 GBP, 4.50 GBP, 5.00 GBP (inclusive of VAT)

User Coverage

Post-Pay and Pre-Pay Users

Minimum Short Code Duration

12 Months

Setup Fee


8-Bit Smart Messaging Capability


Available Short Codes For details on UK Short Code allocation policy, please visit the Short Code Management Group web site.

Account Setup

A Virgin Mobile UK Reverse Billing Edition account can usually be setup within 24 hours for a Shared Short Code. If a Dedicated Short Code is required, this needs to be setup directly by Virgin Mobile UK. The time required for this can vary, but is usually in the region of six weeks.

Sign Up

To Sign up for a MX Telecom Reverse Billing SMS Service - Virgin Mobile UK account, please contact or call 0845 666 7778 (+44 845 666 7778).