MX Telecom Premium SMS Service (Reverse Billing)


The MX Telecom Premium SMS Service is an advanced micropayment solution. By sending a premium SMS (often known as a reverse billed SMS) to a user's or customer's mobile phone, your company can generate immediate revenue. The system is perfectly suited to both large and small corporate systems.

MX Telecom's Premium SMS Service makes use of its industry-leading SMS Gateway, which is renowned for reliability and functionality. If a user's mobile phone is unavailable, or the user does not have enough credit, an intelligent retry schedule gives your messages the best possible chance of being delivered.

The MX Telecom Premium SMS Service allows you to send premium SMS messages via the Internet using one of three technical interfaces. Alternatively you could use MX Telecom's hosted Content Management System, CMX2. More details on this can be found in the How to Connect section.

Premium SMS requires the use of Operator Short Codes.


MX Telecom Premium SMS Service is currently available with the following network operators:

Country Carriers
USA Alltel, Boost Mobile, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell, Cingular Blue (AT&T), Cingular Orange, Dobson, Midwest Wireless, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
UK Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3, Virgin Mobile, C&W Guernsey, Manx Telecom
Ireland Vodafone, O2, Meteor, 3
Australia Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, 3, Virgin Mobile
Canada Bell, FIDO, Microcell, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Virgin

Operator short codes

Premium SMS can only be sent from operator short codes. Furthermore, apart from in the USA, each short code can only be set at one tariff rate, although this can vary between the Mobile Originated (MO) "leg" and the Mobile Terminated (MT) "leg".

For more information on operator short codes, click here.

Advantage of Premium SMS over credit card payments and premium numbers

  • Research has shown that people are less willing to use their credit cards for small payments, but are quite happy to be billed via premium SMS.
  • There is no possibility of card fraud, as credit/debit cards are not involved.
  • Premium SMS requires users to send an SMS into a five-digit short code. These short codes are more easily memorable than premium rate numbers.
  • Premium SMS is principally a billing mechanism. It provides content providers with a perfect billing mechanism for any mobile service, whether it is an SMS service, MMS content, WAP content, voice service or 3G video service, as well as for off-handset purchases (e-Money services).
  • For two-way messaging services, the billing is seamless and almost instantaneous. The return message can be the content that the user desires as well as the means of billing.
  • The service is ideal for premium and "subscription" services, as the user can unsubscribe whenever they like by simply replying "STOP" to a message that they receive. Unlike premium rate numbers, a user can send one single SMS into a short code with the word "SUBSCRIBE", and receive a premium SMS text message every day for the rest of the year. The onus is therefore upon the user to unsubscribe from a service, rather than having to text in regularly.
  • Full, live, online logs are available of all sent Premium SMS messages, making customer care simple and easy.
  • The Premium SMS service can be easily integrated with the rest of MX Telecom's industry leading Gateways, providing a flexible billing mechanism
  • Premium SMS is a very simple transaction mechanism, and is starkly contrasted with having to enter card details over a WAP portal or on the Internet, or create an account with download credits. All of these can greatly detract from the user experience. Users simply receive a premium SMS message which can state "Thanks for using the ... service", which bills them at the same time.
  • SMS has become an accepted mass medium throughout the world by all sectors of society. Its growth and ease of use make it an exceptionally user-friendly billing mechanism. A message saying "You have been charged 1.50 for this download" contains no ambiguity.
  • In the UK, most premium rate numbers cannot be dialed from a mobile phone, without contacting the network operator to raise this bar. Premium SMS has no such issues, and is also perfect for billing the youth market, most of which does not have access to credit cards.
  • Delivery reports allow differentiating between those users who have been billed, and those who have not, making credit control easy.

Connecting to the SMS Gateway

The MX Telecom Premium SMS Service uses MX Telecom' industry-leading SMS Gateway. Companies can choose to send Premium SMS over the internet via a technical interface, or use one of MX Telecom's hosted web applications. For more information on this, please see the How to Connect section.

MX Telecom can also tailor a cost-effective SMS solution, to integrate your existing corporate infrastructure with the MX Telecom SMS Gateway. For an exact quote and to find out more, please contact us.

Account setup

Depending upon the network operator in question, a Premium SMS account, along with a dedicated short code, can usually be set up within a month, although this may vary. Shared short codes can usually be set up within 48 hours.

Service support

The MX Telecom SMS Gateway uses direct connections into the heart of mobile network SMS Centres (SMSCs), providing high capacity, reliable, and fast SMS connectivity, direct to an end users mobile phone. MX Telecom only uses its own leased line connections to various operators, and does not go through any third party providers. It is a complete solution, hosted, designed, developed and supported by MX Telecom.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-698-3532 or via email at