How to Connect to the SMS Gateway


There are 2 principal ways to connect to OpenMarket (previously MX Telecom). Depending on your needs, it may be even desirable to use a combination. For more information on what would be the best solution, please contact us.

1. Direct Technical Interface

OpenMarket offers a Global SMS API that is RESTful, feature-rich, and capable of automatically selecting the correct message originator (e.g. short code or VMN) for any region. We also offer SMPP, which is an industry standard API for SMS messaging.

The HTTP interface is our most popular API, and is highly recommended if this is your first time integrating with an SMS API. The SMPP interface is sometimes suited for high volume traffic. To find out more about our messaging APIs, visit the OpenMarket Docs and Resources website.

2. CMX2 (also known as MEP)

Information about CMX2 is now hosted on the OpenMarket website and the OpenMarket Docs and Resources website. There is also a range of video tutorials available.

OpenMarket's CMX2 platform allows you to set up, customize, launch and manage your mobile services quickly and cost-effectively without specialized technical resources. CMX2 is used by enterprises, content providers, mobile operators and digital marketing agencies across the globe to capture the mobile advantage.

CMX2 is the one-stop solution for creating rich and sophisticated mobile experiences. Our self-service model gives you full control of your mobile campaigns and allows you to easily leverage the full power of SMS, MMS, WAP and voice and video capabilities, using only a standard web browser.

For more information about CMX2, please see the OpenMarket website, or contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

For technical information about CMX2, such as user guides and API guides, please see the OpenMarket Docs and Resources website.