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MX Telecom offers a range of SMS solutions:

A variety of connection methods to suit different needs are available:

Core principles

The industry-leading MX Telecom SMS Gateway is one of the highest volume SMS Gateways in the UK today. It has been designed with 3 principles in mind:

  1. Reliability
  2. Capacity
  3. Functionality

The MX Telecom SMS Gateway uses direct connections into the heart of Mobile Network SMS Centres (SMSCs), providing high capacity, reliable, and fast SMS connectivity, direct to an end user's mobile phone. MX Telecom only uses its own direct connections to various operators, and does not go through any third party providers. It is a complete solution; hosted, designed, developed and supported by MX Telecom.

The advantages of using MX Telecom

MX Telecom are unusual as a Bulk SMS aggregator to use a cross-network routing strategy, meaning that our partners are not dependent on just one mobile network for sending SMS. If a network does experience problems, messages are simply sent via a different route. This adds an extra level of redundancy, which is part of MX Telecom's commitment to delivering the highest possible quality of service.

The MX Telecom SMS Gateway has a very high capacity, with any bottleneck tending to be at the partner or mobile network operator end of events. On the very rare occasions when the throughput of messages starts to approach the maximum capacity of the SMS Gateway, an intelligent queuing system is invoked, which prevents one partner's messages blocking the rest of our partners' traffic. Therefore, no partners can ever monopolise the SMS Gateway, because of this unique bandwidth sharing algorithm. So, even when very many SMS messages are sent or received through the MX Telecom Gateway, partners can rest assured that they will not have to wait for their messages to be delivered.

Finally, an extremely high level of detail has been implemented in the SMS Gateway to deal with network operator and handset-specific issues. Sometimes a certain type of message sent with a certain configuration to a certain handset on a certain network may throw up problems. Where the networks or handset manufacturers have been unable to offer a solution to these problems, MX Telecom have implemented work arounds into the SMS Gateway, such that messages are reconfigured and rerouted appropriately.

In summary, by sending and receiving SMS via the MX Telecom Gateway, partners have access to a lot more than just a direct pipeline into the mobile networks.

MX Telecom SMS Gateway Features:

  • Send and receive SMS text messages all around the world
  • 2-way messaging
  • Full live online billing system
  • Full logs of all sent and received SMS text messages
  • Access to technical interface and/or web-based application(s)
  • Intelligent message queuing system
  • Deals with handset and network specific issues
  • Originator address easily specified as any name or number
  • Easily branded with company names and/or advertising material
  • SMS "Reseller Sub-Account" system
  • Automatic multipart SMS messaging for long text messages
  • Support for 8-bit messages, including but not limited to WAP Push, RTTTL ringtones, business cards (vCal), and any UDH message with headers.

MX Telecom SMS Services

MX Telecom offers the ability to send and receive SMS throughout the world. There are three main services:

  1. MX Telecom Bulk SMS Service
  2. The Bulk SMS service can reach most corners of the world (see Worldwide coverage table), with delivery of your messages within seconds.

  3. MX Telecom Premium SMS Service (reverse billing)

    MX Telecom can send Reverse Billed SMS to users in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA. Using this service, your company can generate immediate revenue, as the mobile phone user is billed for receiving this SMS Text Message. The service is perfectly suited to both large and small corporate systems.

  4. MX Telecom Receiving SMS Services (Two-Way SMS)

    MX Telecom can receive SMS messages for you on operator short codes, a virtual mobile number, or in unusual cases a hosted SIM card. The ability to receive SMS is a crucial component in many mobile services, particularly premium rate SMS.

Connecting to the MX Telecom SMS Gateway

Partners can connect to our Gateway to send and receive SMS in two principal ways, which can be used in combination.

  1. Direct Technical Interface
  2. CMX2

For more information on all of these, please visit the How to Connect section.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-698-3532 or via email at