Content Management System: CMX2


Information about CMX2 (also known as MEP) is now hosted on the OpenMarket website and the OpenMarket Customer Center. There is also a range of video tutorials available.

OpenMarket's CMX2/MEP platform allows you to set up, customize, launch and manage your mobile services quickly and cost-effectively without specialized technical resources. CMX2 is used by enterprises, content providers, mobile operators and digital marketing agencies across the globe to capture the mobile advantage.

CMX2 is the one-stop solution for creating rich and sophisticated mobile experiences. Our self-service model gives you full control of your mobile campaigns and allows you to easily leverage the full power of SMS, MMS, WAP and voice and video capabilities, using only a standard web browser.

For more information about CMX2, please see the OpenMarket website, or contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.

For technical information about CMX2, such as user guides and API guides, please see the OpenMarket Customer Center.