First ever use of Inbound MMS on Primetime Terrestrial UK TV

London - 9th July 2004

A new BBC1 primetime live TV show "Johnny & Denise - Passport To Paradise" was aired last Saturday night. The program is a Celador Productions/World's End co-production, and will feature amusing photos sent in by viewers using MMS messaging.

Every week, Johnny Vaughan, Denise Van Outen and the studio audience will pick their favourite photo. Viewers will be invited to take a photo and send it to a virtual MMS mobile number, which looks just like a normal mobile phone number.

The MMS inbound delivery will be handled by MX Telecom, whose MMS Gateway will receive the message and automatically forward it on to the program teams over the Internet. MX Telecom is the first company to run an inbound MMS service for UK terrestrial prime time TV, as well as for UK terrestrial TV with ITV's Speed Sunday, and for UK TV with BBC3's Live at Johnny's.

BBC controller of business development and emerging platforms Angel Gambino this week revealed that the first show saw 8,000 photos submitted by the audience. Hugh Griffiths, head of data at O2, said, "This was very encouraging. This is a new medium and as the penetration of MMS continues to climb, we'll see increased usage. The extent to which people want to be creative with pictures is pretty limitless."

MX Telecom Marketing Director Alex Moir said, "Businesses are quickly waking up to delivering and receiving multimedia content over the mobile channel. MMS itself has real potential for user-generated content. The success of these interactive television programs is an indication that the MMS services work, both technically and commercially."

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