First ever use of Inbound MMS on UK Terrestrial TV

London - 6th June 2004

The first use of live inbound MMS on a UK Terrestrial TV broadcast will be ITV's "Speed Sunday". Viewers of the Sunday motorsport show will be invited to submit photos of their cars for comment by the presenters, with the incentive of a chance to win in a prize draw.

Mobile phone users can take a photo using their handset, and then send it into an MMS virtual mobile number, which looks just like a normal mobile phone number. The message will travel via MX Telecom's MMS gateway, where it will then be passed to the production teams at ITV.

MMS has been used on UK TV before, but not yet on a terrestrial channel. "Live at Johnny's" was a BBC3 show that invited viewers to send in amusing photos which could be ridiculed or praised by Johnny Vaughan. The MMS delivery was also managed by MX Telecom, in a very similar way to the ITV "Speed Sunday" set up.

"We are delighted to be involved in the first use of MMS on UK terrestrial television," commented Alex Moir, MX Telecom's Marketing Director. "MMS is an ideal technology for easily delivering user generated content to production teams. The creation of content, delivery and billing all revolves around one thing - the mobile phone handset."

MMS has its problems, with a slightly clunky user interface and file size limitations, but it seems clear that if it really finds its niche, it could be a very powerful channel of communication indeed.

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