MX Telecom launches first cross-network Mobile Crediting solution in the UK

MX Telecom has announced the launch of the first cross-network Mobile Crediting solution in the UK market, allowing partners to apply monetary credit to end users' phones on all UK networks...

LONDON, United Kingdom – August 4th, 2009

MX Telecom, the leading provider of mobile aggregation services has today announced the introduction of a cross network Mobile Crediting solution. This latest innovative addition to their mobile billing platform allows partners to apply monetary credit to both pre-pay and post-pay users' accounts on all major UK networks. It is initially being trialled in partnership with leading mobile agency Sponge as the centre piece of the Coca-Cola Summer on-pack promotion for Sprite, Fanta, and Dr Pepper, where users can simply text-in to receive 50p of mobile credit for free.

Completing The Mobile Payment Solution

Giving credit to end users has long been a desired extension of the mobile networks' third party mobile payment solutions. As the largest UK aggregator, with direct connections to all the network payment platforms and over nine years' industry experience, MX Telecom's latest innovation has been launched across all the UK operators. "We are delighted to have pioneered Mobile Crediting", said Head of Business Development, Thomas Green, "achieving a coordinated launch across all the networks has been key in ensuring the success of this new product."

Opportunities For Mobile Marketing

Mobile Crediting opens up a completely new channel in mobile marketing for brand building, customer acquisition, competition prizes and more. "We always aim to support innovation in the ways that consumers can utilise their mobile device in their everyday lives and also in growing the opportunities for mobile marketing.", commented Rory Maguire, Head of Payment Services at 3, "This offering has huge potential and offers real and tangible benefits to our customers".

Genuine Refund Solution For Broadcasters And Content Providers

Providing a monetary credit to end users also solves the long-standing issue of consumer refunds for broadcasters and other content providers. "Cheque based refunds for broadcaster votes or other micro-payment transactions have represented a poor consumer experience", added Thomas Green, "crediting allows partners not only to bill mobile phones through MX Telecom, but also reverse those transactions should the need arise"

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About MX Telecom

MX Telecom is the leading global aggregator providing the connectivity and infrastructure, and facilitating payment and digital content delivery, to enable businesses to take advantage of mobile technology.

Founded in 2000, MX Telecom help hundreds of companies to implement mobile services around the World; including national broadcasters, government agencies, major brands and entrepreneurial ventures.

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