Virtual Mobile Network, Nomi-mobile launches low-cost international calls and messaging using MX Telecom

MX Telecom gateways support virtual mobile network's messaging

LONDON - 7th November 2007

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) Nomi-mobile has launched low cost international calling and messaging rates for UK mobile users, with the help of MX Telecom's messaging gateways.

By blending MX Telecom's flexible third party messaging gateway and Nomi's own existing telecoms infrastructure, Nomi-mobile makes significant savings on international calls and messaging.

These savings are passed on through a pay as you go mobile SIM-only pack to Nomi-mobile customers.

MX Telecom's gateways add the messaging dimension to Nomi's offering, supplying a low-cost, reliable routing gateway to Nomi customers.

Stuart Eve, CEO of Nomi said "Nomi-mobile is a flexible and convenient alternative to international calling cards which is expected to attract a substantial number of calling card and account customers. Our low-cost tariffs and mobile offering will see large numbers switching to Nomi".

The resident immigrant and migrant worker market, targeted by Nomi, is estimated to be in the region of 1.5 million users.

Nomi-mobile also offers a unique Home-talking service that can be used from a landline. Customers are able to make even cheaper calls from their landline, with the same Nomi Pay As You Go account being debited.

"This is technically and commercially a very clever launch by a forward thinking MVNE," said Mark Fitzgerald, MX Telecom Managing Director. "By tapping into the UK's international migrant communities, Nomi- mobile has a captive audience who should leap at the prices being offered."


Notes to editors

MX Telecom

MX Telecom channels wireless multimedia traffic including voice, video and SMS, between content and service providers, and mobile networks.

Founded in 2000 to provide a technical platform for all types of businesses to capitalise on the explosive growth in mobile communications and micro-payment solutions, MX Telecom has grown to become a leading provider of SMS, MMS, Location Information, Voice and 3G Video solutions.

MX Telecom helps hundreds of companies to implement mobile services around the world. These include national broadcasters, government agencies, major brands and entrepreneurial ventures.

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