MX Telecom Announces Successful Completion of FIFA World Cup(TM) Campaign for Broadcaster

World Cup Mobile Campaign Featuring the First-Ever Cross-Network MMS and Video Code Launches in the UK

LONDON and NEW YORK - 17th August 2006

MX Telecom, a leading provider of global SMS text messaging and wireless multimedia solutions today announced the successful launch of 'Your Shout;' a new mobile service offered by the BBC throughout the 2006 FIFA World Cup(TM).

Your Shout allowed mobile phone users to leave messages of support for the England team throughout the competition. Football fans were able to record a clip on their mobile phone and send it in via MMS, or access a 3G Video Short Code and record the clip from within the interactive service. The user-generated videos were thus available to the BBC for later use.

MX Telecom is operating the Short Code, 62000, as well as providing the technical solution for the BBC. The campaign represents a significant step forward for mobile user-generated content. Formerly, Video Short Codes and MMS Short Codes have been only available on a subset of UK networks, however 62000 will be the first fully cross-network short code for both MMS and Video in the UK.

"MX Telecom has been actively pushing the 'unified Short Code' approach since the inception of our company," said Mark Fitzgerald, Managing Director. "To date, Short Codes have typically supported only one mobile technology - such as SMS, voice, video, or MMS, and this is often not cross-network. But now, 62000 has provided a great example for reaching a far larger segment of the market."

The BBC football service reflects the current excitement in the industry surrounding user-generated content. Football fans can leave video and picture messages whenever they want, from wherever they are, all in a matter of minutes. This immediacy and ease-of-use associated with mobile, makes it a highly attractive choice for brands and companies which want to leverage user-generated content. Mobile is also the most appropriate technology for collecting user- created content, because video recording, video delivery, and billing can all easily revolve around the ubiquitous mobile phone.

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