T-Mobile launch Video Short Codes with 2006 World Cup Goal Service

MX Telecom Announces Completion of Video Short Code Service for T-Mobile UK at 2006 FIFA World Cup(TM)

LONDON and NEW YORK - 15th August 2006

MX Telecom, a leading provider of global SMS text messaging and wireless multimedia solutions today announced the first-ever Video Short Code Service for T-Mobile UK.

MX Telecom provided this technical solution for T-Mobile UK. "We're delighted to have worked with T-Mobile, and we look forward to a continuing a successful partnership," said Mark Fitzgerald, Managing Director of MX Telecom. "As a company, we very much believe in Video Short Codes as the future of mobile video, and an endorsement from a leader like T-Mobile validates our position substantially."

T-Mobile has offered its customers access to watch highlights of all 2006 FIFA World Cup(TM) matches via their mobile phone. By making a video call to '2006', fans were able to access 3-4 minute highlights from all of the matches for free.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the UK network of T-Mobile International, one of the three strategic growth areas of Deutsche Telekom AG. Over 120 million people throughout Europe and the USA use services provided by companies in which T- Mobile or Deutsche Telekom hold a stake, making them the only mobile provider with a seamless transatlantic proposition.

About MX Telecom

MX Telecom is a leader in wireless technology. MX Telecom offers an easily accessible gateway to data, voice and video messaging services including 2-way and premium SMS, multimedia messaging, interactive voice response, location-based services, video short codes, Internet and TV related solutions.

MX Telecom works with many of the world's top wireless carriers and maintains direct connections to dozens of carriers across North America, Europe and around the world for SMS, MMS, Video, Voice and Location-based services.

For more information, MX Telecom can be reached on 1-877-698-3532, or via email at press@mxtelecom.com.