MX Telecom Opens New York Office

New York and London - 1st September 2003

MX Telecom today confirmed its plans to expand into North America by announcing the opening of its US office based in New York. The New York team will be responsible for developing MX Telecom's SMS connectivity business in the US and Canada. It will serve both new North America-based clients, as well as clients from the rest of the world looking to take advantage of the fast-growing mobile content market. In what is becoming an increasingly international market, the New York team will also be the local point of presence for North American companies looking to launch SMS and other wireless services through MX Telecom on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alex Moir, Marketing Director, will leave London to head up the New York office following his recent appointment as CEO North America. "Though in its infancy today, the North American market for mobile content has enormous potential," said Alex. "We have every reason to believe from early indicators that it will follow the same pattern of rapid growth that we have experienced in Europe. Given the subscriber base is over 180 million even now with only 60% penetration, this represents a substantial opportunity for all providers of mobile content and services. I'm delighted to be helping MX Telecom and our clients pioneer the development of this exciting new market."

Mark Fitzgerald, Managing Director, added, "MX Telecom is convinced of the importance of the North American market in the mobile content industry and we are fully committed to becoming one of the leading players. With our experience as one of the top SMS aggregators in the UK and our reputation for both reliability and innovation, we are very well placed to be the provider of choice for existing and new service providers there."

About MX Telecom

MX Telecom is a leader in wireless technology. MX Telecom offers an easily accessible gateway to data, voice and video messaging services including 2-way and premium SMS, multimedia messaging, interactive voice response, location-based services, video short codes, Internet and TV related solutions.

MX Telecom works with many of the world's top wireless carriers and maintains direct connections to dozens of carriers across North America, Europe and around the world for SMS, MMS, Video, Voice and Location-based services.

For more information, MX Telecom can be reached on 1-877-698-3532, or via email at