Orange launch video short codes

London - 1st April 2006

Orange has become the third UK network to offer video short code services to their customers. Hutchison 3G UK, or more widely known as "3" was the first network with 3G video short codes, and Vodafone was the second. The addition of Orange to the list of networks offering video short code services is very good news for content providers, as it is another step closer to the concept of a "cross network video short code".

"Once mobile phone users can access a video short code service on any UK network, the 3G market will really start to pick up", commented Mark Fitzgerald, Managing Director of MX Telecom. "Mobile video is at a very exciting stage of growth."

MX Telecom launched the first ever 3G video short code service having invented and developed the concept themselves. Their video gateway also allows for IVR (interactive video response) functionality, giving users the option of navigating through menus to select video, or even record their own. Fitzgerald said: "We are extremely keen on video codes, and anticipate widespread uptake of the technology as it reaches out to more networks and more mobile phone users. We believe that this is very much the future of mobile video."

About MX Telecom

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