WiderWeb and MX Telecom Enable 3 UK Pre-Pay Access to Mobile Web

London - 28th February 2006

WiderWeb and MX Telecom have recently deployed a credit-based solution which enables 3UK pre-pay users to access the mobile web. After having been approached by the 3 network, the pay-as-you-go Mobile Web project was fully implemented in less than two months from initiation, allowing pre-pay 3UK subscribers to access a wide range of websites through the commercially important Christmas period. The WiderWeb Mobile platform manages access to the Mobile Web for 3's pre-pay customers, managing authentication, device profiling, access control and billing in collaboration with MX Telecom.

Unlike contract users, who can simply be billed for their mobile internet usage each month, access to the mobile internet for prepay users requires the same "top up" model that underpins the pre-pay concept. As "topping up" has not yet been available for mobile internet access, 3 invited WiderWeb and MX Telecom to implement a technical solution, which works in the following way: 3 pre-pay users purchase credit to allow access to the Mobile Web for a certain period of time, with MX Telecom billing the user for this time based access.

The solution is the first of its kind, and will no doubt set the trend for the other networks.

About WiderWeb

WiderWeb is a leader in web content adaptation. WiderWeb Mobile is a pure server platform for improving and optimising the experience of accessing the web from browsers deployed in mobile handsets. Pages are automatically adapted to the capabilities of the mobile device and a user's own preferences with standard web pages being converted into highly compressed yet functional mobile versions. WiderWeb Mobile not only delivers a simplified view of web content but through advanced page handling techniques it also ensures that those pages can be fully used.

WiderWeb Mobile is deployed by mobile operators wishing to enhance the mobile web experience and by content owners looking to bring web content quickly and easily to the mobile arena.

For additional information contact WiderWeb on +44 870 011 5480 or through our web site at http://www.widerweb.co.uk

About 3

3 is a mobile media company delivering a convergence of communications, entertainment and information to customers on the move. The three areas which form the core of its business are:

  • Communications - including all forms of personal communications, voice and video calling; text, picture and video messaging; and mobile blogging
  • Entertainment - including television, music audio and video, computer games, and media publishing
  • Information services - including wireless web, access to the best of the internet and a range of news services

3 UK is a member of the HWL group of 3G companies, which include 3G operations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Sweden. For further information, please visit: http://www.three.co.uk or call the 3 Media Office on 020 7350 5696.

About MX Telecom

MX Telecom is a leader in wireless technology. MX Telecom offers an easily accessible gateway to data, voice and video messaging services including 2-way and premium SMS, multimedia messaging, interactive voice response, location-based services, video short codes, Internet and TV related solutions.

MX Telecom works with many of the world's top wireless carriers and maintains direct connections to dozens of carriers across North America, Europe and around the world for SMS, MMS, Video, Voice and Location-based services.

For more information, MX Telecom can be reached on 1-877-698-3532, or via email at press@mxtelecom.com.