MX Telecom 8th in Sunday Times "Tech Track 100"

London - 25th September 2005

MX Telecom has featured in the recent Sunday Times "Tech Track 100", which lists the fastest growing UK technology businesses in 2004/2005. The company was ranked at 8th position, with an impressive annual growth of 229% a year.

Directors Mark Fitzgerald and Thomas O'Donohoe founded the company in 2000. MX Telecom channels wireless traffic in voice, video and text between content/service providers and mobile networks. With 40 employees, and leading technical infrastructure, MX Telecom is well poised to continue its success story.

Fitzgerald attributes the company's rapid growth to the explosion of SMS in the mobile marketplace, as well as the company's success at being at the forefront of new mobile technologies. In the UK, MX Telecom was the first with an SMS connection to 3, the first with operator MMS connectivity, the first with cross network wholesale voice short codes and the world's first with video short codes. In fact MX Telecom actually invented the concept of video short codes, where 3G video calling and 5 digit short codes are combined.

The company also runs high profile projects such as payment of the London Congestion Charge via SMS, and has delivered live Big Brother TV to 3G handsets. MX Telecom has worked with other broadcasters, directory enquiry firms, the mobile networks themselves, and other major brands to help them grow their business in the mobile space.

So what does the future hold for MX Telecom? "At the moment we are extremely excited about video short code services. With 3 and Vodafone currently live, and the other networks following on soon, I think there are going to be some very interesting developments in the world of mobile video," commented Fitzgerald. "As well as that, we intent to continue rapid growth and development across all of our products and services, and hold our position as a leader in wireless technologies."

About MX Telecom

MX Telecom is a leader in wireless technology. MX Telecom offers an easily accessible gateway to data, voice and video messaging services including 2-way and premium SMS, multimedia messaging, interactive voice response, location-based services, video short codes, Internet and TV related solutions.

MX Telecom works with many of the world's top wireless carriers and maintains direct connections to dozens of carriers across North America, Europe and around the world for SMS, MMS, Video, Voice and Location-based services.

For more information, MX Telecom can be reached on 1-877-698-3532, or via email at