Grand National is first UK Live Sport Event on Mobile Video

London - 6th April 2005

3G mobile users will be able to access BBC Sport's live TV coverage of the year's biggest horseracing event for the first time this week. All three days of the Grand National meeting at Aintree will be made available in a public trial via their mobile handsets. 3G users can watch the action by dialling 62750 and pressing the video call button to view a live broadcast.

This will be the first ever completely live TV footage for a major broadcaster onto UK mobiles. Some other mobile video services, which don't use video short codes, claim to be live, but are in fact about 30-45 seconds behind the television broadcast. However, the Grand National video short code mobile footage will have a lag of merely 1 or 2 seconds. For sports such as horseracing, there are obvious benefits with a completely live stream, especially with regards to placing bets.

"We are delighted to be delivering live TV footage of the Grand National to 3G mobile phone users," said MX Telecom's Managing Director, Mark Fitzgerald. "Just as the first live sport on television was a milestone in technology, so is the first live sport on mobile. We feel privileged to be part of that process."

Sport is in general an ideal candidate for a 3G video service. Firstly the current demographics of 3G users and sport enthusiasts match up quite well. Secondly, the imminent and live nature of sport is suitable for access "on the hoof". Mobile phone users who want to catch the last 5 minutes of a football match would be able to simply use an appropriate sports video short code service.

The 3G service has several advantages over so-called "2.5 G" environments. Apart from being a higher quality video, there are no technical limits on how long the video call can last for, whereas when streaming videos over a WAP gateway, data download and streaming network limitations prevent the video from being high quality or a sufficient length.

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