MX Telecom MMS Gateway

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Overview

MX Telecom's MMS Gateway allows mobile content providers to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS) that include text, images, audio, graphics and video.

MMS is easy for cell phone users to adapt to because of its similarity to SMS and the presence of dedicated on-device user interfaces. Each message is a single multimedia presentation supporting delivery of multiple forms of media. This makes it a simple, user friendly method of sending multimedia mobile content.

Enhance your messaging

With the rapid development of sophisticated new handsets in the marketplace, the demand for MMS applications will multiply, together with the associated business opportunities for content providers. By supporting personalized multimedia content, MMS can provide a variety of rewarding communication experiences. With experience in mobile connectivity dating from 2000 and a respected market position as a globally leading premium rate provider, MX Telecom is perfectly positioned to help you generate those experiences.

MX Telecom MMS Gateway features

  • Built and maintained in-house.
  • Simple integration though our proprietary lightweight HTTP interface.
  • Supports premium and standard rate MMS messaging.
  • High performance, carrier-grade technology.
  • Platform-independent, fully hosted gateway solution.
  • Access to web-based real time message logs.
  • Real time Delivery Reports where supported.
  • Supports both Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT) messaging.

Services already capitalizing on MMS

  • Social communities and user generated content - Content is immediately posted to blogs or networking sites from cell phones.

  • Voucher redemption - A national drinks brand distributed a redeemable MMS voucher for a free drink.

  • Property messaging - A real estate agent is sending images of new properties fitting certain criteria direct to interested prospects.

  • Event participation - Concert goers send MMS images to monitored video screens.

  • Citizen reporting - Broadcasters, newspapers and websites appeal for first-hand accounts of events to create authentic reports.

  • Classified advertizing - A publisher allows new advertisements to be submitted via MMS, including images and descriptions which are immediately added to listings.

  • Mapping services - Sending a zip code by SMS triggers an MMS map of the area to be sent in response.

  • Interactive marketing - Mobile marketers are incorporating image recognition technology into participatory marketing campaigns.

MMS Gateway technical information

For technical information on how to connect to the MMS Gateway and FAQs click here.

MMS Gateway in the UK

MMS is available on all carriers in the UK. Click here to find out more about how MX Telecom's MMS Gateway operates in the UK.

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