About Us

On March 23, 2010, MX Telecom became part of the OpenMarket business. Read more about the acquisition here.

MX Telecom is a leader in the field of wireless technology, providing specialist wireless IT services to various corporate partners.

Though originally founded with expertise in SMS, MX Telecom has kept pace with all of the developments in the wireless world. It has a proven ability to open up exciting and profitable new dimensions of our partners' business offerings, as soon as new technologies become commercially available.

MX Telecom offers easily accessed gateways to voice and data messaging services, including Two-Way SMS and Premium SMS, Multimedia Messaging, Interactive Voice Response services, Video Short Codes, location services and Internet and TV related solutions.

MX Telecom works with wireless carriers, content providers, Internet Service Providers, corporations, data vendors and Internet companies around the world, implementing wireless solutions. The following diagram gives an overview of MX Telecom's direct connections to the mobile carriers and how content providers can connect to its various application and gateway platforms.

MX Telecom Overview

Along with its core Reverse Billing SMS text messaging business, MX Telecom has also been an early adopter of new mobile technologies. It has been involved in the trial phases of new mobile technologies with the UK carriers and was the first to market in the UK with a cross-network true Two-Way MMS offering, cross-network Voice Short Codes and was the first aggregator with Video Short Codes.

Service and content providers can generate immediate revenue for SMS, MMS, voice and video services, using various options such as Reverse Billing SMS as a convenient micro-payment facility. The diagram below shows the revenue model for payments from the end user to the content provider.

Revenue Model

MX Telecom has also developed several hosted applications that enable its partners to run their own services. These applications are hosted on secure MX Telecom servers and are connected directly to the gateways.

MX Telecom believes in using its own direct connections into various wireless carriers around the world, rather than relying on a third party. Furthermore its solutions and products are designed, developed, hosted and maintained in-house so complete control over application development, bespoke plug-ins and future development can be maintained.

The following diagram details the various technical interfaces and hosted applications that partners can use to connect to MX Telecom's gateways.

Technical Overview

All projects hosted by MX Telecom are based at its various secure data facilities. MX Telecom's solutions are perfectly suited to both large and small partner systems. Indeed the diversity of our partner base reflects the scalability of our offer.

Thanks to its early adoption of SMS, MMS, voice and video capabilities, MX Telecom continues to be one of the major players in the industry. MX Telecom fully intends to continue its trend of both being involved in the testing stages of new mobile technologies with the carriers and being the first to market with new products and services.

With MX Telecom as your partner, your company has the potential to build a strong foothold in wireless applications. With our proven wireless technology capability coupled with your company's content and service expertise, an MX Telecom partnership will prove to be successful and profitable. For any other information, please contact us.