MX Telecom SMS Gateway HTTP Interface


OpenMarket now offers a RESTful and feature-rich Global SMS API. Compared to the existing MX Telecom APIs, the Global SMS API provides:

  • Automated originator selection, which selects the correct short code or VMN for any country or territory
  • Our highest level SLA and increased messaging capacity
  • Better security through Basic authentication
  • A test environment for new and migrating customers

as well as a host of other benefits. While we will continue to support our existing SMS APIs, we believe that our Global SMS API offers some exciting features and benefits that you'll want to take advantage of, and future feature development will be focused on the Global SMS API. For more information, see the Release Note on our Docs and Resources website.

Note that currently the Global SMS API does not support Premium Rate messaging. Existing Premium Rate customers should continue to use the MX Telecom APIs.

The HTTP Interface is the most popular direct interface for the SMS Gateway, as it is simple to implement and provides a fuller feature set than SMPP.


You can use the HTTP interface to send and receive SMS messages of any type, such as:

  • plain text messages
  • content messages such as WAP Push messages and MMS notifications
  • vCard messages
  • messages with User Data Header (UDH) information
  • 8-Bit binary messages

For all messages sent through the SMS Gateway, you can optionally receive a range of detailed delivery reports.

The interface supports both HTTP and HTTPS requests, and HTTP 1.1 for persistent connections.

Benefits over SMPP

The benefits of using the HTTP interface over the SMPP interface are:

  • ability to send an SMS to multiple recipients in one request
  • automatic multipart SMS messaging for long text messages
  • access to unsubscribe notifications


Your platform will need to be able to send and receive HTTP or HTTPS GET and POST requests.

You will also need to provide a URL for incoming notifications from the SMS Gateway about the status of sent messages and to receive SMS messages.


The SMS Gateway exposes an HTTPS interface for all request types.

For extra security, you can submit a whitelist of IP addresses from which the SMS Gateway will accept mesage requests for your account.

Sending a Single SMS

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Broadcasting an SMS

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Sending Reference

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Receiving Delivery Reports

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Receiving an SMS

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Unsubscribe Requests

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