MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Service


SMS Server

The MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Service can be used as part of a Two Way SMS service, by receiving SMS's via the MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Service and sending them out using the Bulk SMS Service.

Upon receipt of an SMS to a Virtual Mobile number, the SMS Gateway will make a HTTP request to your servers, or to your accounts on one of our hosted applications. For more information, please see How to Connect.

The MX Telecom SMS Virtual Mobile service is best suited for two uses:

  • Receiving SMS sent from multiple countries.
  • Receiving SMS on a dedicated number, without paying the increased monthly access fees associated with dedicated short codes

The MX Telecom SMS Virtual Mobile Number Serive offers transmission rates of approximately 30 SMSs/second. Incoming SMSs are handled via our direct connection into mobile operators' SMSC. You can receive SMSs from users on virtually any mobile network around the world using a standard 11 digit mobile number.

MX Telecom has two service levels of the MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Service - Full Hosting and Shared Keyword Hosting:

Full Hosting Service

MX Telecom will provide a MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Number (MSISDN number - 11 Digit Mobile Number), which will be the "SMS Send-In" number, as part of a Two-Way messaging service. This allows your company to outsource all SMS receipt requirements to MX Telecom's Full Hosting Service.

Upon receipt of an SMS on to your MX Telecom Virtual Mobile number, MX Telecom SMS servers will automatically send a standard web HTTP request to your own servers, with all the message details. (Other interfaces are available).

Shared Keyword Service

The Keyword service involves using an existing MX Telecom General Access Number. You can specify certain Keywords (such as "PREDICTION", "WEATHER" or "[your company name/brand]"). If the keyword is received by the MX Telecom SMS Gateway General Access Number, it will automatically pass the message to your servers.

Send a test Two Way message

To get an idea of the speed of delivery and to visualise the concept of a Two-Way message, please send the word TESTM from your mobile phone to the following Short Code: 85080. You should receive a text message confirming receipt, back to your mobile phone.


The MX Telecom SMS Virtual Mobile Service has the following pricing structure (Prices Exclude VAT):

MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Service Price (GBP)
One-Off Service Setup Fee 1,000
Service Monthly Access Fee 300

Virtual Mobile Numbers Monthly Fee Each (GBP)
1 - 4 50
5 - 49 30
50 - 499 20
500 - 4,999 10
5,000+ 2

Shared MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Price (GBP)
MX Telecom General Access Number Setup Fee 0
General Access Number Monthly Fee 150

To clarify: A single Virtual Mobile Number would cost 1000 for the initial set up fee, plus 300 a month for the Virtual Mobile Number service, plus 50 a month for a single Virtual Mobile Number. This equates to 1350 initial payment, and 350 per month thereafter.

For large volume campaigns, if sufficient numbers of messages are received, a revenue share may be payable. Please Contact Us for more details.

For more information, please contact us at 0845 666 7778 or via email at