MX Telecom Inbound Short Code Service


SMS Server

Operator Short Codes provide the highest capacity solution for receiving SMS. Upon receipt of an inbound SMS, a reply can be sent as either Bulk SMS or Premium SMS (Reverse Billed).

As with all MX Telecom's SMS Gateway services, partners can choose to have inbound messages pointed at their servers, or to manage receiving and sending SMS in one of MX Telecom's hosted web applications.

Operator Short Codes are also required for Premium SMS services.

Using Operator Short Codes is technically the highest inbound volume SMS solution available, providing higher capacity than the MX Telecom Virtual Mobile Number service. It is geared specifically to exceptionally high volume SMS applications (in particular TV campaigns). Incoming SMSs are handled via MX Telecom direct connections which are load balanced across all the Networks in any one country, usually via the use of 5 Digit Short Code "SMS Send-In" numbers. The transmission rates that are offered are in the region of 100 SMSs/sec, and can be increased further if required.

Full Hosting Short Code Service

MX Telecom can provide a Short Code Number, which will be the "SMS Send-In" number, as part of a Two-Way messaging service. This allows your company to outsource all high volume SMS receipt requirements.

Upon receipt of an SMS on to your Short Code number, the MX Telecom SMS Gateway will automatically either pass the message onto your servers over the internet via a technical interface, or pass the message to your account on one of our hosted web applications.

For more information on sending and receiving messages to/from the MX Telecom Gateway, please see How to Connect.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS can only be sent from Operator Short Codes. Users cannot be reverse billed in any other way. The usual procedure for a mobile phone user to opt-in to a reverse billing service is for them to text into that short code. However, there are other ways for a user to be billed. Please contact us for more information.

Short Code Limitations

MX Telecom currently offers Short Codes in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia. The same Short Code number can be set up across all mobile networks within the same country.

Send a test Two-Way message

To get an idea of the speed of delivery and to visualise the concept of a Two-Way message, please send the word TEST from your mobile phone to the following Short Code: 85080. You should receive a Text Message confirming receipt, back to your mobile phone.


MX Telecom can set up Dedicated Short Codes across all mobile networks in any supported country. Where permitted, access to shared short codes is also available. Please contact us for details of short code fees and outpayment rates.

For more information, please contact us at 0845 666 7778 or via email at