MX Telecom Bulk SMS Service


In the UK and most of the world, bulk SMS is free for a mobile phone user to receive, and hence the sender pays the total cost of messages. The situation is different in North America; please see the "USA/Canada" section of the site for more details.

MX Telecom can send bulk SMS to a large number of destinations throughout the world, connecting to almost all GSM networks, & many non-GSM networks. Delivery reports and message concatenation are both supported, as well as other forms of SMS such as WAP Push and various "Smart Messages". The service is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Once submitted to the SMS Gateway, all messages will be sent out in seconds.

Bulk SMS can be sent without use of operator short codes, a virtual mobile number, or hosted SIM card. SMS messages can be sent via the Internet by making a standard HTTP request, although other technical interfaces are also available. Alternatively, you can use MX Telecom's hosted web application CMX2. More details on these can be found in the How to Connect section.


  • Send SMS text messages all around the world

    The MX Telecom SMS Gateway is an automated system with direct connections to mobile networks. MX Telecom can deliver SMS Text messages to almost all GSM mobile phone networks around the world.

  • Delivery reports

    The SMS Gateway supports a variety of delivery notifications, from receipt of the outbound message, to delivery to the networks, and delivery to the mobile phone user.

  • Independent of operating systems

    The MX Telecom SMS Gateway is accessible via the Internet, thereby allowing your existing UNIX, Linux or Windows systems to integrate easily with the SMS Service.

  • Branding with company names and/or advertising material

    Company names or content can be easily placed within each sent message.

  • Ability to change the originator address on every sent SMS

    Companies can specify any text or number in the "From" field on each message sent to a user.

  • Access to live online logs and billing system of all sent and received SMS text messages

    Live online access to logs detailing sent messages along with a timestamp and the destination mobile phone number. Logs also include the SMS messages themselves, as well as your optional sub account details, information notes, IP addresses and the SMS originator address.

  • Sub-account and reseller packages

    The live online access to logs allows you to create and view sub account details, making it ideal for invoicing your own customers, should you want to act as a reseller of bulk SMS text messages.

  • Multipart SMS messaging for long messages

    GSM SMS text messages have a limitation of 160 characters. For messages that are longer than this, the SMS Gateway can automatically send a multipart series of SMS Messages, with various options, including concatenation.

  • UDH messages

    The SMS Gateway gives you full control of any sent SMS text messages. This includes the ability to send 8-bit UDH messages, allowing for partners to take advantage of new SMS technologies and features on certain handsets.

  • Hosted web applications

    MX Telecom can provide access to CMX2, its platform for the design of intelligent messaging services, as well as content management and WAP publishing.

The features and uses mentioned are by no means an exhaustive list. The MX Telecom SMS Gateway is quite simply the most advanced and adaptable SMS package available, with more possible features than any other SMS solution.


When signing up to a Bulk SMS Service account, MX Telecom will issue a username and password. Although optional, for security reasons MX Telecom recommends that you specify your server's IP addresses, from which SMS sending requests will be accepted. We can also accept HTTPS (SSL) connections for added security.

Account setup

MX Telecom generally sets up an account within 24 - 48 hours. Once setup, the only costs involved are those of sending SMS text messages.

Service support

Please contact MX Telecom to find out more about details of the various levels of support, and extra features that can be incorporated into the MX Telecom SMS Gateway.

For more information, please contact us at 0845 666 7778 or via email at