MX Telecom embraces cross network unlocking of mobile Voice Short Codes

MX Telecom welcomes UK mobile network operator, O2 announcement to launch Voice Short Codes from October 1st 2008...

LONDON, United Kingdom – September 17th, 2008

MX Telecom, the leading mobile connectivity, delivery and payment solutions provider, has welcomed the announcement from UK mobile network operator, O2, that it will be launching Voice Short Codes from October 1st 2008.

The announcement means Voice Short Codes can be offered across all UK mobile network operators for the first time, through providers such as MX Telecom, bringing benefits including transparent cross network pricing for premium rate calls.

Alex Moir, Managing Director of MX Telecom, said, "this development finally enables Voice Short Codes to fulfil their potential as the perfect cross network voice solution. A Voice Short Code can operate as a single product, or it can integrate with SMS, MMS and Video, creating a multimedia mobile experience using the same memorable five digit number."

Voice Short Codes can be integrated with MX Telecom applications:

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - creating customised call flows and uploading of recorded content.

    Voice Chat System - enabling callers to create profiles and chat live with other callers.

Voice Short Codes can also be used to complement MX Telecom's pioneering mobile content management platform, CMX2.

Moir concluded, "Premium rate call channels for voting and competitions should significantly benefit from this improved pricing clarity and the simplicity of using short codes for voice, while 'call charges from mobiles may vary' will hopefully become a thing of the past."

MX Telecom is accepting orders for Voice Short Codes now, for cross UK network activation from October 1st 2008.

About MX Telecom

MX Telecom channels wireless multimedia traffic including voice, video and SMS, between content and service providers, and mobile networks.

Founded in 2000 to provide a technical platform for all types of businesses to capitalise on the growth in mobile communications and micro-payment solutions, MX Telecom has grown to become a leading provider of SMS, MMS, Location Based Services, Voice and 3G Video solutions.

MX Telecom help hundreds of companies to implement mobile services around the World; including national broadcasters, government agencies, major brands and entrepreneurial ventures.

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