MX Telecom Operator Lookup Service


SMS Server

Mobile Number Portability has created problems for the efficient routing of voice and data traffic to mobile devices. Since its introduction a few years ago (much more recently in other countries) the prefix of a mobile number is no longer sufficient to determine which mobile operator a subscriber is on.

For those wanting to target certain users or route traffic to certain networks via specific routes for reasons of cost or functionality, MX Telecom is able to offer a real-time Operator Lookup service. You supply the MSISDN and we return the network either via a HTTP or TCP/IP socket server interface or a simple Web-based interface.


Inclusive Service Requests per month Subsequent Charge per Request (GBP) Minimum bill per month (GBP)
2,500 0.020 50
250,000 0.0175 4,375
500,000 0.0150 7,500

Technical Information

Full technical information on the Operator Lookup Service.

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