FAQs about MMS

Can MMS be sent to handsets on all networks?

MMS is available for all UK networks, namely O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, 3 and Virgin Mobile.

Do all handsets support MMS?

Most colour screen handsets do support MMS. However, there are problems with MMS on some handsets, particularly older ones. This can depend on the content types that the message contains, the size of the MMS and the fact that not all handsets support SMIL (such as older Nokias, e.g. Nokia 6800)

What does the .zip file contain?

Using the HTTP Interface, the .zip file will contain each of the different parts of the MMS (e.g. .gif, .jpeg files etc.), along with the .smil file and a manifest file (named manifest) which describes the contents of the file. This file will be in java properties format.

The .smil file controls the layout of the MMS (similar to html) and this is what is used to format the message. It pieces together the MMS files in the order that the end user sees, and combines them into a single stream so that the display is properly time coordinated and synchronised.

Is it possible to set up an MMS test account?

MMS Test accounts can be set up for potential partners within a matter of hours (much the same as with MX Telecoms Bulk SMS Service). Please contact sales@mxtelecom.com or call 0845 666 7778 (+44 845 666 7778).

Is further Technical Documentation available?

MMS Technical documentation relating to the technical specifications for sending MMS can be viewed here.

For more information, please contact us at 0845 666 7778 or via email at sales@uk.openmarket.com.